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Having To Do “Work” Holds You BackSo Don’t Do Any!

Look – I understand that the “work” involved with Info Profits Academy is small, but it can still be daunting, and it can still hold students back…

Finding a niche… Coming up with "tutorial" ideas... Finding a great-looking course template... Making sure all content is there... Worrying about if it's the right topic or not, will it sell or not?.. Completing the listing in the online platforms yourserf... Writing headlines... And so on and so forth…

So instead of being nervous about all that work… I want you to actually picture it ALL DISAPPEARING… Because…

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5 Done For You Niches That We Tested, And You Can Plug In And Start Profiting From… Right Now!

That means you’ll get 5 done-for-you profitable, proven niches that we have carefully chosen, researched, and already KNOW to be BIG WINNERS… 

25 Done For You "Tutorial" or "Money Machine" Topics That We ALREADY Know Will Be Extremely Profitable!

We have released over 400 "money machines"... Or "tutorials"... And we KNOW which ones were COMPLETE FAILURES and which ones were EXTREME SUCCESSES... So you’ll get the 25 x BEST, most profitable "money machine" ideas which we ALREADY made money with! 

"Money Machine" Fast-Creation Outline For Extremely Fast Tutorial Creation (As Little As 30 Minutes Per "Money Machine")

As you know, this method is all about pumping out mini-tutorials, then listing them on sites which will drive tons of viewers for you... So you NEED to create as MANY of these little simple tutorials as possible.

So it makes complete sense to create them as fast as possible, in as little as 30 minutes, with this "Done For You" Outline.

5 x Done For You "Money Machine" Templates For Professional, High-Profit Presentation Of Each "Money Machine" Tutorial

If you've ever created anything online, you know how HARD it is to make it look BEAUTIFUL.

We've solved that for you! With these 5 x Done For Your Templates, you will create a BEAUTIFUL, stunning "money machine" tutorial every single time, even if you're not an expert, even if you've never done it before.

100's Of Royalty-Free Audio & Video Files and Templates For High-Quality Presentation And Conversions Every Single Time

You NEED to include graphics, videos and audios into your "money machine" tutorials to make them stand out and to get max conversions.

And getting royalty-free video and audio files is extremely hard. We've hand-picked the very best royalty-free resources for you to create amazing professional "tutorials" every single time.

Info Profits Academy OTO2

Let's Recap - Here Is How You Can Cut Out 95% Of The "Hard Work", By Getting Done For You Items Below:

5 Hot Niches
with plenty of buzz and maximumprofitabily. We've ALREADY made money with these.

25 Proven Product Topics
We have tested these... We've made money with each of these... Now you can copy and paste, and instantly start making money with these yourself. No more tedious "research"!

Fast-Creation Outline
Get complete mindmap for each product so you can instantly get it created, in as little as 30 minutes! No more procrastination.

100's Of Templates, Audios and Videos
There are literally too many to list. We've created over 400 courses. We know what you need. We're giving you OUR OWN resources! You will create stunning "money machines" every single time.

How Much Is The Ability To…

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DONE FOR YOU PACKAGE - Private Discount Opportunity:

Your private discount comes out to only $47.00 for 95% of the work of Info Profits Academy to be done for you.

Info Profits Academy OTO2


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For the FULL PACKAGE, your private discount comes out to only $47.00 for 95% of the "hard" work of Info Profits Academy to be done for you.

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