Tips on Writing a Convincing Thesis

Writing a doctoral or master’s thesis may not be an easy task. Procrastination and late submission are the common challenges facing students while doing their final dissertations. If you want to learn tips for efficient thesis writing, here are the beginner’s guidelines.

Estimate your writing time

Thesis writing may be a lengthy activity. Unlike other assignments that take a day or two, thesis writing tasks may take months. While crafting your paper, avoid procrastinating and estimate the time you need to finish your dissertation. As you plan your time, make them shorter than extending them. Long writing hours may be tiring and boring. Shorter writing hours allow you to take a break and refresh your ideas before coming back to the writing-table.

Set writing goals

Writing goals will help you maintain focus while writing your thesis. After making long-term goals for the project, break it down into small weekly and daily chunks. Goals will keep you motivated and help direct your steps towards accomplishing your thesis writing.

Set realistic and achievable goals. Your goals should be specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-bound (SMART). Understand your strength while coming up with such plans. Your success in writing your paper will depend on how well you capitalize on your ability.

Break your work into sections

Writing thesis paper may be tiresome and confusing if you do not plan your work. It is among the lengthy academic writing with several sections that flow in chronological order.

For efficient thesis writing, break the paper into small sections. Schedule a timeframe for each section and work on it bit by bit. Never move to the next area before completing your previous section.

Motivate yourself

You can’t produce quality work without motivating yourself. Your thesis topic should be the first motivating factor while doing your writing. Always write on areas you are much conversant and knowledgeable in and make your writing as interesting as possible. The best way of inspiring your writing skills is by writing more work. Keep improving on your output as you celebrate the small milestones you make in your thesis writing journey.

Do not procrastinate

Avoid postponing any task scheduled on your timetable. Procrastination causes more anxiety which reduces the output. To avoid procrastinating, stay on your schedule and ensure you are meeting targets according to your set goals. Have a short daily writing goal for your assignment and plan according to your convenience. With the proper planning, you will work without postponing and piling tasks.

Avoid perfecting

Perfectionism is one of the worse behaviors you can apply to thesis writing. You can produce the best write-up but not a perfect document. While doing your thesis, remember that your work can be your best output but not a perfect one. When you try perfecting your writing, you spend more time doing and redoing the same assignment, which wastes your time and reduces your efficiency.


Efficient thesis writing is a process that needs patients, planning, and the right attitude. You must avoid procrastination, organize your work and motivate yourself to produce the right document. When you approximate your time well, you will organize your schedule according to your convenience and produce quality work.