Topic Ideas for Marketing Dissertation

The Marketing subject in a business needs a lot of creativity, especially when writing your marketing dissertation. A marketing dissertation is a requirement for you to complete your marketing degree program. The marketing field is vast, and the marketing dissertation topics to choose from can relate to branding, digital marketing, relationship marketing, among others. It would help if you got to choose the most interesting marketing dissertation topic to have an easy time writing your paper. The article provides you with the dissertation help you need by providing you with the best topics you can choose from your study’s various marketing fields.

Relationship marketing topic options for your dissertation

Relationship marketing covers relations between the business and the customers. It covers aspects of customer loyalty-building and customer retention capabilities of a company. Relationship marketing aims to attract customers to a business, make them buy the products and services of the business. After that, ensuring that the customer keeps buying the product and comes back for more to ensure retaining of the customer. To determine the success of relationship marketing, the customers’ profiles need to be maintained to keep the business in a position to satisfy the customers’ needs continuously. Choosing a topic in such field can provide you with one of the most impressive dissertations. Some interesting marketing dissertation topics are like;

  • The mixed-method analysis of the behavior and attitude of customers
  • The effect of relationship marketing on customer retention and loyalty
  • The impact of loyalty schemes and satisfaction of customers on a business
  • The effectiveness of digital marketing on a company’s capability of building customer loyalty

Digital marketing topic options for your dissertation

Digital marketing made traditional marketing techniques be phased out. The market’s needs and demands have constantly been changing, making it practical to have online marketing techniques that are more effective and are a game-changer in marketing procedures. From digital marketing, a business can analyze customers’ responses in relation to the products or services offered.  All customer information collected provides businesses with relevant information to determine the needs of the customer. The field of digital marketing is vast and one of the best to choose your topic from. Some dissertation topics on digital marketing you could consider are;

  • The effects of online marketing on sales of a business
  • The assessment of the effectiveness of digital marketing tools on sales of a company
  • Influence of websites and e-commerce digital marketing techniques on customer behavior

Picking the best topic of research for the marketing dissertation

The topic of research should be relevant in relation to the academic discipline you seek to attach it to. It should meet the requirements of writing your research paper and add knowledge to the marketing field and the academic discipline.

Choose a topic that is unique and logical. The topic should be capable of being practically implemented to ensure the relevance of your marketing dissertation paper.

The topic of research should identify the problem you intend to provide solutions to in your research. You can identify the issues after reading the already current published marketing literature to find gaps for your research to fill.

It is essential to seek the advice of your professor or supervisor when writing your marketing dissertation. Essentially, seek the approval of your topic of research before getting into the writing process.


It would be best if you made your marketing dissertation as attractive as possible. Try adding value and new ideas to the current marketing theories to be impressive to your supervisor and other future researchers. Marketing is interrelated to many academic disciplines such as law, engineering, healthcare, etc. therefore, your marketing dissertation topic needs to be specific as possible, sound, and capable of solving the practical problems existing in the disciplines you choose. A logical research topic will ensure your research makes sense and the time and effort you input in writing the dissertation are worth the task.