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25 Winning Machine Ideas

Each machine you put up makes you a passive income, but "machines" in certain topics do better than others. In time you'll find which one are best, or you can shortcut your profits by having us give you a short list. Get your machines made in these topics and shortcut your way to profits. You get 5 niches and 5 products in each niche that will maximize your profits in a minimal time frame.

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Like we said, there is no selling involved. But there will be students enrolling themselves into each of the machines you share online.

And with this DONE FOR YOU TEMPLATE, you can ensure that as many students as possible will choose YOUR machine to enroll in and not someone else's.

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Easy-to-follow Checklists

In this package we also include Done-For-You Checklists which will guide you through every step of a successful "money machine" - such as what heading to use, what information to include.

With these Checklists, you will never make any mistakes and will get maximum results... Every time!

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