Acknowledgment In Dissertation

This is a section that is devoted to thanking those that had been of help during the course of the writing process as well as those that made your research a success. The list is inclusive of both personal and professional acknowledgments. 

It is not more than a page and the style of writing adopted should be informal because this part is not part of the official academic work. The use of first-person pronouns is allowed here because this is the chance that you have to write something personal.


Nothing should be left to chances in your attempt to get the best results that will earn the high grades at the end of your custom dissertation writing. Take a look at past acknowledgments written by students in your university for you to know how best to go about doing it. 

There are two main categories of acknowledgments; it is either personal or professional. Rules differ for each university; some only allow acknowledging only those that are directly involved; know where your institution stands before writing your acknowledgment. Mention only those that are directly involved and try as much as possible to keep it short.

Professional Acknowledgement

It is a must for every student to acknowledge everyone that is involved professionally in one way or the other during the course of the academic exercise. Every member of the academia that was instrumental to your success story should be mentioned. Their full names and titles should be included in your acknowledgment.

In the event that you are assisted by several groups, all the names of groups and not their individual identities should be listed for mention. You might desire to protect the privacy of someone; in that case, you can use only their first names. 

Every contribution in whatsoever form should be mentioned. The input might be in the form of feedback by someone who is an authority in the field; such must be acknowledged as such. Where your supervisor performed below par in the final analysis; you must acknowledge them. You can mention just a brief thank you in appreciation of his or her efforts because failure to do that will be seen as spite.

Personal Acknowledgement 

You cannot include the names of all the members of your family when you want to give personal acknowledgment. Only those who are seen to be clearly inspiring and supportive can be included by name. You cannot include every Thom, Dick, and Harry of your family members here. 

Sample Acknowledgement Template 

It is pretty easy to get started while writing your acknowledgment. Where you are stuck, you can simply begin with the personal pronoun ‘I’. It can go thus: “I will like to mention the contributions of…………”. After putting in the name of the person involved, the remainder of the sentence will come in handy. 

The conclusion of this one-page summary does not require a summary or conclusion at the end. You can simply end proceedings with the last thank you before drawing the curtains.

Final Take

Everyone that appears on the acknowledgment page either on official or informal capacity must show proof of their contribution to your success. You are duty-bound to include your supervisor irrespective of their overall contributions-it serves as a mark of respect.